10 Things to Consider When Planning an Office Fit out

In order to be successful, businesses are realizing the importance of the role of workplace. The important aspect for any office refurbishment project is to focus on improving workplace functions and enhance branding or boosting motivation in employees to bring about tangible business benefits. Happy workforce is certainly a more productive one. Fitting out an office can be very exciting and invigorating when done rightly.

Reflect your brand

It is important to create a office that reflects your company`s values, motto, vision, culture and its brand. Involve your marketing department as they will know of your brand than anyone else.

Flexible spaces

The open plan office is a popular layout, but new designs focusing on accommodating workgroups, collaborative teams, and remote working are trending in more forward-thinking workplaces. Multipurpose spaces are replacing cubicles to more collaborative work spaces.

Break Out Spaces

Provide breakout or creative space where employees can creatively collaborate away from their desks, or socialise to recharge during the work day. People need few minutes to relax, disengage from general work. Try to provide comfortable seating as you will find that a pleasant environment is good for boosting happiness.

Effect of colour

Consider changing the colour of the walls, introduce greenery in the office, and invest in some new pictures.


Noise intrusion in most open-plan offices has an impact on privacy and productivity. You can control acoustics in the office by including glass, partitions or solid walls, modular screens for acoustic privacy, sound absorption materials applied to storage systems, acoustic foam linings fitted to seating, ceilings engineered with special absorption qualities, walls, floors and windows with sound absorbing wall panels.

Agile workstations

Different activities require different environments in an office and employees undertaking tasks require spaces for different levels of collaboration and concentration.

Consider creating the following areas in your new office: like private spaces, collaboration zones, brain storming areas, social areas, training spaces, formal meeting rooms. More and more organisations are embracing flexible workstations, for instance, hot-desks, static workstations, and sit-to-stand and height adjustable desks.

Latest Office Trends

  • Research the latest office design trends to see how it will benefit workplace productivity. Benches and shared spaces promote collaboration and inter-office engagement.
  • Also consider include non-standard-shaped furniture to maximize floor space, low-hanging ceilings for space-saving cable management and much more.
  • Other on-trend office designs include making the building’s business area, lobby and entrances warm, attractive and inviting. These are the first areas that prospective clients will see, so you want them to make a lasting impression.


Consider task lighting as it allows staff to control their own lighting levels. Try to bring more natural light within your space. Install Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps or T5 fluorescent lighting to enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency, longer product life and lower maintenance costs. Natural materials and use of daylight are trends that promote office wellbeing.

Sustainable Options & Health & Safety

  • Ensure sustainability and energy efficiency while designing your office like installing daylight capture systems and motion sensitive fittings to save on lighting. Consider sustainable options for your HVAC systems for your office in order to save money and the environment.
  • Review all your plans to ensure that you are monitoring the health and safety on your site and complying regulations at all times.
  • This also includes the positioning of fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke detectors and exit signs. Also consider things like non-slip floor surfaces, first aid equipment, and the placement of any glass in relation to work areas. Also, consider the frosting or signage of glass and their effects on visibility.
  • Separate waste and keep a record of all your waste that leaves your site. Recycle waste whenever possible. Ensure hazardous materials are disposed properly.

Get rid of clutter

Get rid of unwanted clutter like disposing away old files, contents of combined desk drawers, old documents and arrange removal of old furniture.

Manage your fit out

Talk regularly with your office fit out company or your Interior fit out contractors in Dubai for regular progress reports as it will be easier to catch defects. De snag as defects are found.

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