5 Best Open Source CMS to Develop an E-commerce Websites

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With the development and boom of technology over the last few decades, the entire spectrum of doing business has changed. E-commerce or online business has been undergoing various changes and is the new face of doing business. With the increasing internet population, the demand for online shopping is only going up every single day. The result of this demand is the cropping up of new online shopping websites everyday. There are many web development companies in Dubai which can guide and help startups and business venturing into the online space with great open source platform hosting.

Benefits of Open Source Systems

The following are the benefits of an open source system.

  1. The open source frameworks are free of cost.
  2. You have the complete control over the framework. You can control the hosting, plugins, and themes of the online store.
  3. You can also creatively control the store by deciding upon the design and working of the store.

Five Best Open Source platforms

The following are the five best open source platforms.

  1. Magento Open Source

Magento Open Source is one of the best platform available to build your online business. It has extensive list of features that you might not expect at all. One might not use all the features but you have the freedom to play around with the features. For example, you can provide discounts to your customers and create membership plans. Hosting on this platform is free. But if you want to build the scale of your business then there are paid options. Magento provides complete control over the functionality and design of the website.

  1. OpenCart

Open Cart is one of the most easy to use and lightweight platforms compared to other open source frameworks. It is best recommended for startups who have ventured into the online business as the time taken to customize the website is very less and also the cost of setting is low. This helps new business to save money on building their online presence. The download is free and there are plenty of themes available.

  1. WooCommerce

We are all aware of the most common open source platform, WordPress. WooCommerce is a plugin in WordPress. All we have to do it install WordPress on our host and install the WooCommerce plugin onto the site. The best part is that the plugin is free to download and it is also connected to all major payment gateways. With just a plugin installation and activation, we can have a store that is fully functional with product pages, inventory management and payment options.

  1. JigoShop

Just like WooCommerce, JigShop is also known for its ease of use and clean and speedy interface. When you want to develop the scale of your online business, it is easier to expand the functionality of the site as a wide range of plugins and add-ons are available. This is one of the best open source platform which beginners can use. There is a wide range of themes available on JigoShop, some of them the best looking in open source market and it is also easy to edit the code. The platform also offers 14 day money back guarantee option as well as a discount of 10% of the next purchase if you review their products.

  1. X-Cart

X-CART is one of the most sought out open source web hosting platform. This platform has to its credit the creation of over 35000 online businesses. It is one of the easiest and fastest platform to host the website. Though it is free, you can even opt for paid premium plans. They provide 14 day trial period for premium plans. X-Cart has some an amazing developer support and also can integrate with the best payment gateways.

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