What to Expect When Getting Invisalign Treatment in Dubai?

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If you had made a decision to straighten your teeth using Invisalign treatment, then choosing a dentist in Dubai with experience in Invisalign treatment is the key. Browse the internet with search key term `Dentist Dubai` and choose a dentist based on location, price and how comfortable you are with him.

Start with a consultation

For Invisalign treatment in Dubai, your dentist will examine your teeth by taking X rays and discuss whether Invisalign is the right option for you. Though Invisalign is useful in treating gaps, overbites, underbites, crowding and other dental issues, it is not ideal for all cases. Some may require traditional braces or other alternative treatments. Consultation with the dentist allows him to see the condition of the teeth and find out the best plan to suit your needs. You can ask your questions about the treatment and find out the estimated time frame of how long you will have to wear the aligners.

Follow–up to an appointment

It is during this stage that the actual procedure starts. To create a 3D rendering of your mouth`s structure, your mouth will be thoroughly scanned. With this scan, a treatment plan will be mapped out. Then the plan will be sent to the Invisalign labs and your trays will be designed. The whole process takes approximately three weeks.


Once your aligners are ready, you will have an appointment with your dentist and he or she will test out the first set of aligners and adding attachments to your teeth. In order to provide an extra pressure on your tooth to turn or move, your tooth will receive attachments. To provide an extra pressure point for a better fitting tray, a small dot of dental bonding material is placed on the tooth. Attachments are painless and nearly invisible. They are temporary and are removed after treatment.

Your first aligners

These plastic aligners are replaced every two weeks with a brand new set. During the course of the treatment, you might need ten different aligners. These aligners are invisible and people will not notice that you are wearing one.  They will not irritate your cheeks like the traditional braces and can be removed while eating.

Day to Day

Invisalign should be worn for 20-22 hours a day for best results. Sometimes you may have soreness and even that may get resolved quickly with consistent wear. Your aligners will slowly start pushing your teeth in a new direction.

Watching the straightening happen

You need to periodically go for check-up appointments with your dentist. As part of your treatment, you need to visit your dentist every 6 weeks. Your dentist monitors your progress, gives you next several sets of aligners and makes changes to the attachments.

End of Invisalign treatment

After the planned treatment stages, your dentist will evaluate the final results to see if any modifications or touch-ups are needed. Once he is satisfied, he will take off the attachments and switch you to retainers. You need to wear retainers at night. Retainers prevent teeth from going back to their previous positions.

Now all you have to do is to enjoy your beautiful, healthy smile.

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