How to Plan a Trip to Dubai on a Limited Budget

plan a trip to dubai tips

Flight Bookings:

Your priority for traveling to Dubai when you have a low budget is to book your flight in advance. If you can get this for a good price you are almost half way there. International airline tickets are expensive and getting to Dubai will cost you more.  Look for seat deals and enquire with your travel agent to find you the best deal, even if it lets you to save a few bucks.

Accommodation in Dubai

Traveling to Dubai on a budget in turn means you must plan the accommodation very efficiently. We suggest you find a hotel somewhere near Al Barsha. There are very affordable apartments for 4 persons which will cost you less to plan under your budget. Al Barsha is also very well connected with a metro and the hotels. You can save the most of your money here. If Al Barsha is expensive, you can find some place in Deira, the most traditional area of Dubai. Use tour planner websites like or applications to know and learn about the accommodations in Dubai.

Transportation in Dubai

Use public transport inside Dubai to save money on transportation. It is easy to handle and it is very modern that is well organized. Dubai metro is the save option to prefer as it is very cheap and very well connected. If you want to go somewhere where metro line is not working, the best choice is to take a taxi. Make sure the meter is on and do not get cheated by the drivers. Use some of the Dubai vacation planner applications and websites to plan diligently and efficiently.

Tourists spots in Dubai

Some places to visit in Dubai are bit expensive. Buy online all the tickets for any tourist attractions in Dubai as it will cost you less. A pretty affordable tourist attraction in Dubai is its aquarium and botanical garden . Hotel Burj Al Arab is quite expensive to visit. You would have to have a proper attire to go Burj Al Arab in the evening. Swimming in Burj Al Arab is free of charge. Visit Deira fish market to get some local feel. All markets are free of charge. A nice spend time is also a drive over the Creek in an abra (traditional boat). Go to check, for some discount coupons, which can save you money. Dubai by Foot offers amazing walking tour spots that suit the budget of the conscious traveller. Because you don’t have to hire for transportation and vehicle and which saves your money.

Food in Dubai

The selection is amazing in restaurants of Dubai, but it is expensive. If you are traveling to Dubai on a budget, you must be careful in spending on food. There are many restaurants for India, Pakistan, Philippines tourists which is affordable. Groceries stories sell some food as take-away, which does not cost much. Dubai offers good food from all over the world. In Dubai, there are specific cuisines that the city does better than others.


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