Things you must know about Home Painting

Painting is a powerful yet an easiest inexpensive tool in the world of interior design. Good painting with the right mix of colors can help transform and dramatically change the look of your interior design and the mood of your home. However, there are important things to know before you are ready to give your home an updated look. It can help you with tips, techniques, tools to avoid costly mistakes and choose the right colors and finishes.

Color Selection – Add Colors to your life

Choosing the right color for your rooms can be vexing. You need to consider the age and architectural style of your home. Think about how you want each of your rooms to feel and exude. Try different colors that will allow you to create a specific feeling in the room. If your room is very large with high ceiling, dark colors can add depth and texture to space. On the other hand, if the room is small, brighter, and lighter colors can make it look larger. Go for blues and green for a soothing feeling, yellows for an uplifting mood, orange and red tones can be exciting and for a relaxing room try to choose neutral colors.

Test the paint color

You can test the paint color on your walls if you are unsure how a particular color will look on your walls. It is a good idea to buy a sample and try. Paint a small area and see how it look like in the daytime and at night on your walls and test it.

Pay attention to finish or sheen

The sheen of your paint can have a major impact on your walls. Gloss, satin, egg-shell are the options. High gloss paint finishes are very durable. However, they highlight imperfections on the walls. Flat paint or matte finish will hide these imperfections but is susceptible to damage. In most cases, egg-shell finish works best.

Primer is key

You will need to prime your walls if you are drastically changing the color of your wall. You can buy a primer and paint all-in-one mixture. Using primer allows a layer beneath for the top coat of paint to better adhere to the primed surface thereby giving a better effect.

Determine how much paint you need

Know the square footage of your room and how many coats of paint you want.

Brush before rolling

Brushing the edges and corners with a high quality brush is necessary before painting as these are the areas that rollers can`t reach. Then use rollers to flatten out brush marks for a smooth flat surface.

Use quality materials and tools

Prepare your roller and brushes before painting. Good quality brushes, roller extenders, sturdy step ladder are important.

Eliminate lead residues

Before starting your interior painting, check for traces of lead in old layers of paint. Make sure your painter has removed all previously painted layers of lead. Lead can be harmful for health and environment.

Home painting companies in Dubai

Hiring painting experts becomes necessary to follow the tips mentioned above. They will guide you in choosing the right colors and will make things easy. As Dubai is a desert region, the colors of the walls in your home tend to fade with extreme sunlight. For quality paint and long lasting paints, you can avail painting services from reliable and reputed home painting companies in Dubai to paint your interiors or exteriors.

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