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As far as I know, the Pandora is one of Givenchy Bags UAE most coveted handbag styles, along with the Nightingale and Antigona, and it has been around for at least the last fifty years if I’m not mistaken. Having taken inspiration from the myth of Pandora and her box, the shape of this bag is inspired by the structure of the box. The Pandora and its single handle is a great example of Givenchy’s creative style, which is known for challenging the ordinary, and this is evident in the Pandora.


In order to be familiar with Pandora, here are a few things you need to know: It comes in two styles: Distressed and Smooth. There are a number of limited edition styles such as the Patchwork, Bi-Color, Tri-Color, Studded, and Animal Print styles which, according to what I know, are made from sheepskin, smooth from goatskin, and distressed from sheepskin (I need some reference for this). Pandora currently comes in three types: Pandora (as soft as Pandora, but comes with a flap cover like the Cèline Soft Bag), Pandora (as structured as Pandora, but comes with a solid feel), and Pandora (as soft as Pandora, but comes with a solid feel). The bag comes in four different sizes: a mini bag, a small bag, a medium bag, and a large bag. My choice of medium was based on the fact that the size is just right and that it will fit my stuff without it looking or feeling “squished”.

 I like goatskin because it is the toughest of all leathers; it is also relatively lightweight, and it does not need extra care, Givenchy Bags UAE. Almost a year after I bought this bag, the dye has lightened a little (it used to be a deep, eggplant-colored purple), and the leather has softened, but these never affected the bag’s beauty. I even like the softness of the bag because it makes it easier to carry around. It features a floating Givenchy metal tag between the two external zippers, located in the center portion of the leather patch. Pandoras with tags attached to leather patches or metal tags placed off center, or ones you’re eyeing with tags placed somewhere else than here could be of interest.        

Despite being new, goatskin is still wrinkled all over, and it really feels buttery smooth, with a bit of texture to it, even if it’s brand new. Having said that, if the leather on your smooth Pandora or the one that you’re eyeing feels rough to the touch, has lints all over the place, or is wrinkled without being natural.


Among the three zippers on Pandora’s exterior, two are on the side and one is on the back. The higher one opens to the main compartment of the Givenchy Bags UAE, and the lower one provides access to the outer pocket. A smaller zipper is on the back. There is a possibility that your Pandora bag or the one you are eyeing will have four external zippers,  By the way, Pandora is a soft, smooshy bag that collapses naturally if it is empty, so if the one you have or the one you are eyeing is empty, it will seem to stand on its own because it is soft and smooshy.

All the zipper linings of Givenchy Bags UAE have thick ‘teeth’ that are clean, even, tone-on-tone with clean, even stitching. In addition, I believe that they recently released a few styles with gold hardware, but I am unsure if this is true. Could somebody please confirm this for me? The teeth on the zipper linings of your Pandora or the one you are considering buying have thin ‘teeth’, and the stitching is not uniform with the hue of the Givenchy Bags UAE, and the stitching is crooked or uneven, or the hardware is not silver.


In the next picture, you can see the handle of the Pandora bag. I think they designed this style to show off the box look of the bag even more, and it really works. Due to factory defects and usage among other things, the first Pandora styles did have this issue whereby the handle would just break off of the Givenchy Bags UAE due to factory defects and usage among other things, but they have already addressed this in the more recent styles as well. I’d describe the handle as a thick, somewhat stiff, rolled leather with another leather handle stuffed inside of it. It is important to remember that if your Pandora or the one you are considering comes with two handles or has just one handle, but it feels too flimsy and slim

There are four leather patches on the Givenchy Bags UAE which reinforce the handle. Two of the patches serve as anchors and the other two serve as bases for the handle. In the event your Pandora or the one you’re eyeing does not have these or the handle is sewn directly to the bag body, you shouldn’t buy it. It is made from thick stainless steel and has a half moon shape and an extremely shiny finish that give the rings that hold the handle to the Givenchy Bags UAE a powerful grip. It is a good idea to check out the Pandora if it has squared-off or round rings that do not appear smooth and shiny when you inspect it.


Pandora’s interior. One zippered pocket and two open pockets are lined with leather. Additionally, just below the zippered pocket, the leather lining has a leather flap. The bag’s serial code is heat-stamped on the leather flap. Cotton cloth lines the interior. You won’t find the serial code on the back of the leather flap of your Pandora or the Givenchy Bags UAE you’re eyeing if they don’t come with these pockets, and the fabric is nylon or another thin textile. Pandora can be converted into a cross-body bag with this leather strap. There is a little width to the strap and it has a slim and streamlined shape, which prevents the Givenchy Bags UAE from sliding off your shoulders. Pandoras can come with thin, stuffed-looking straps.

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