The Gucci Bags Dubai bamboo collection expands this summer

As a designer at Gucci Bags Dubai, Alessandro Michele’s work has been nothing short of remarkable during his tenure. In a way that few other brands have been able to achieve, the designer has modernised Gucci while keeping its house history at the forefront in a way that few other brands have been able to accomplish. Despite this, it would be fair to say that arguably his most impressive talent is his ability to reinterpret the archival motifs and codes from the House. 

This allows him to make them relevant to the modern age. On the heels of the release of Gucci Bags Dubai, another staple from Gucci’s past is revisited as part of his exploration of past Gucci Bags Dubai styles during this spring and summer. This has been a mainstay for the brand for many years and will continue to be a mainstay for the foreseeable future. We are, of course, referring to (arguably) the most emblematic symbol of the House: the bamboo.


A key aspect of Gucci Bags Dubai past is its heritage of Dubai craftsmanship, which has helped to shape the brand into what we know today, and what we love about it. The Gucci bamboo collection has been a part of this rich history since 1947, when a team of craftsmen developed a unique method of heating and bending bamboo in such a way that it would maintain its shape even when cooled and a unique patented method was developed. 

Handles and details on these Gucci Bags Dubai are renowned for their unique and quintessentially Gucci nature, made with meticulous craftsmanship to last generations. Bamboo is a timeless material that speaks to the innovative spirit of Gucci’s heritage and speaks to the innovative spirit of Gucci Bags Dubai design. This season, it has been reimagined as an adorable mini backpack that can be worn as a belt or as a backpack for any age and style.

The New Gucci Bamboo for Gucci Love Parade

Bamboo returns once again to Gucci Love Parade with recognizable elements of the House being presented in new and intriguing ways that are indicative of the House as a whole. This mini backpack revives the bamboo material and makes it look like it was made in the early ’90s, but it is very on trend and modern at the same time. Featuring a smooth leather body constructed from pink or brown leather, the new shape is finished with a miniature but still iconic bamboo handle and a turnlock to complete the look. It can be easily styled in a variety of ways with the detachable and adjustable shoulder strap that allows this mini bag to be used in various ways. 


This classic top handle bag can be worn as a top handle bag, as a backpack, or even over the shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap. There might be something about this Gucci Bags Dubai that is a little bit contemporary, but it packs a very big punch when it comes to style and House history, so it would be a great addition to your closet for years to come. A Gucci Bags Dubai hat is one of the things that can be passed down from generation to generation, and its new shape is sure to become the next big thing from the House.

Gucci Bamboo Handle Bags

The bamboo bags that are made in Bali go through a long process before they become the beautiful Gucci Bags Dubai you can wear every day. During our visit to our artisans, we were able to take photos so that you could get a better understanding of how the product is made. Bamboo grows everywhere in Asia, including Bali, which is no exception to the rule that all products require raw materials. A softening and cleaning process is carried out on bamboo by using salty ocean water that softens and cleans it. After that, the bamboo will be processed and delivered to the artisans.


Once the artisans receive the bamboo rolls, they cut them into sticks and begin measuring and adjusting the sizes of the sticks for the Gucci Bags Dubai when they receive the bamboo rolls. Our artisans carry out this job with a great deal of precision, using a measure box where they are able to see which sticks are too long and mark where the cutting should be made.

A string is then tied around the prepared and measured sticks, and the balls are then placed in between the sticks to make the game more interesting. As a result of this technique, artisans are able to make certain patterns and designs according to their desires.

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